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Product and Still Life

Product and Still Life photography are definitely one of my passions. It is all about creating the image starting from the ground up: props, set, lighting, composition, etc. It is all about the collaborative, or sometimes individual, effort in creating the image that tells the story being sought after. Solving the problems to get things just sooo. Some of the most innocuous looking items can sometimes be the most trying subjects to shoot. Regardless, there is always some challenge when shooting in this genre of photography and probably the main reason I love it so.

Product/Still Life
Darkness Encroaching - 900w


Art, Fine Art, Conceptual Art, Abstract Art. The list is boundless. This is one of the many wonderful things about art. There is such a rich fabric upon which lies the varied tapestry we can create upon this base. I, myself, tend to not pigeonhole myself into any specific category. Rather I look at the world around me as well as the world that is in me and if I find something visually relevant to those states of reality and rationality, I shoot it. Or, maybe just the flash of an idea of an image appears in my head, an idea I let grow and figure out techniques I can use to create the image that I see. To me, art is that simple you see.

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Real Estate

To state the obvious, real estate photography is all, 100%, about helping an agent and/or broker sell a property. Though I myself am the farthest thing from being a great salesperson I do know that showing a great appearance of the property can help to make the sale less difficult. Let’s face it, we’ve all been house hunting and found those houses where it was obvious that neither the owner nor the agent prepped the property correctly to help that property move. Yes, I’ve seen some hideous places. I like to think that with my trained eye and an agents knowledge about what moves a property a solid collaboration can be made that ensures the images of the property being sold look great whether they be on the MLS or printed in a brochure. I believe I am a person that has those qualities to help you get the best look out of it to ensure that it helps sell the asset versus deterring prospective clients from even wanting to take the time to look at it.

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