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Me2 II

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Learn a little bit about me.

My love affair with photography actually began in my 7th grade science class. I took 2nd place with a project on the science of, you guessed it, photography. For my 8th grade graduation my parents bought me my first 35mm camera; a Minolta 7s rangefinder that I still have to this day. It wasn’t long before I had converted the old junk closet in the back of the house into my own makeshift darkroom. Ahh, the good ol’ days.


I’ve always been a hands on type of person that wants to fully understand whatever it is that I may be working on. This might help to explain the M.S. in aerospace engineering after a stint in the U.S. Navy working as an electrician on F/A-18 aircraft. Photography and optics seemed to even work their way into my 20’ish year career working as a research engineer for a manufacturing company. A few years ago I decided that this was no longer the path I wanted to be on. Though I had plenty of opportunity to use my creativity as an engineer, I have always been a visual person and decided I wanted to make a go of it and decided to try my hand at becoming a professional artistic and commercial photographer. I am still finding that I need to use both my creativity and technical knowledge to solve the problems that confront me when creating an image.


My philosophy when it comes to shooting is quite simple really. I believe that presented with any subject matter there is always some inherent beauty in it. It might not always be easy to see and it may even seem that beauty within certain subject matter may feel contradictory. Look at it long enough though, letting it “fester” in the back of the mind for awhile and there will eventually be that bubble popping. The “ahh hah!” moment will arrive. It then just becomes a matter of applying your creativity and technical knowledge together to make the image that you see in you mind’s eye.